Oliver Lassen

Oliver was born in Hamburg in 1967 and is now working as a photographer for over 20 years.
Who grows up in the gate to the world, the creating urge soon expels that and thus Oliver
was more or less everywhere in the world for his customers.

Whether Urbane Faces/People, Beauty, Fashion or Still Life, the internationally working photographer is at home in almost every subject.
His professional eye breaks through the poster-like staging and creates an aesthetics that connects beauty with depth.
Who works in such a way, does not illustrate, he tells stories and creates through a successful mixture of spontaneity and empathy a respect between photo and viewer. His customers search just this strength and know their product is lifted on an up to now unseen stage. His Stills and particularly the demanding Jewellery photography are a big passion Lassens. Capably the light is put, the reflexes are warily accented and a picture is created that is substantially more than an extremely aesthetic product picture.